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Grocery Tours

Join me as we navigate Sprouts Grocery together.  I'll teach you how to quickly and efficiently meal plan and grocery shop for weekly healthy meals.  You'll walk away from this fun, interactive session with the following:

  • Recipe Book - featuring 20 recipes or 3 weeks of healthy meals for you and your family

  • Grocery Lists - 3 organized grocery lists to correspond with the above weekly meal planning

  • Tips and Tools - effectively cut through marketing schemes and learn to evaluate labels and ingredients to make healthy food choices

Essential Oils Class

Learn the amazing health benefits of essential oils.  You'll walk away from this fun, interactive session with the following:​

  • How to Guide for Aroma Therapies

  • How to Guide for Topical and Massage Therapies

Detox Class

Learn practical ways to reduce your daily toxin exposure.  We'll review simple "swap outs" for household products that are safer for you and your family and actually work!  

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Free Discovery Session

We'll explore your unique story and needs to provide a customized care plan that will help you start to reclaim your life.  You'll benefit from over 15 years of integrative cancer research and experience.

90 Day Transformation

This is your 90 day path to recovery.  We'll meet once a week for 12 amazing weeks of cancer recovery coaching.  Take advantage of this personalized, one-on-one support while you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eliminating the fear of cancer recurrence

  • Eliminating chemo side effects

  • Achieving and maintaining your optimal weight without it consuming your life

  • Healthy meal planning that fits into your busy lifestyle

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression

  • Practical ways to cleanse and reduce future toxin exposures

14 Day Cleanse Reset

Jump start your wellness goals with this 14 day cleanse reset.  This package includes a one hour instructional group session where we'll review tips and tricks to ensure your success.  You'll receive my cleanse eBook including easy to follow instructions, grocery lists, recipes and helpful hints to guide you through this cleanse process. 

  • Improve your energy

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Discover which foods are best for your overall health and wellness

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how to sign up:


Fill out this quick intake form and I'll send you the program details. You'll be more informed if this is a fit for you! 


You'll want to enroll after learning more!! We begin with a FREE 1/2 hour consultation before the group starts September 2019. 


Join an amazing group of warriors who are all taking steps to regaining their mind and body health and purpose. 

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