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Essential Oils: Mind, Body, & Spirit

Updated: May 2, 2021

We’ve been spinning our wheels a lot lately in the Gause household!!

I’ve literally been swallowed up by life in the last month! I’m sure you’re right there with me!

All things considered, I think we’re doing pretty well. The girls have only missed the bus once so far, Luke has only missed logging into a few classes online since he’s doing the hybrid model for middle school, and we’ve only forgotten one mask on our way to the bus stop. I’m calling that WINNING for the current circumstances!

Remember my word for this year (even before 2020 exploded into complete mayhem) - SUFFICIENT! I’m holding onto sufficient with every fiber of my being!

I’m finally delivering on a promise I made a few months ago (thank you for your patience) to provide my Essential Oils Guide for Cancer Recovery and Prevention. You can download it for free here.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or not, this guide is something I implement on a regular basis for myself and my family to help cope with the weight of life, especially right now.

As always, my guides address all three aspects of healing - MIND, BODY and SOUL. You’ll find great practical tools for implementing the healing properties of essential oils into your life.

If you haven’t experienced the amazing power of essential oils, I’m happy to help get you started! You can schedule a free consult with me here! You can also get started with shopping the only brand I trust here.


This guide addresses a common unresolved emotion many of us experience - GRIEF. Cancer or not, most people are experiencing grief right now. In its simplest form, I think about grief as an emotion you experience anytime your current circumstances don’t align with your expectations. Really, this happens anytime we’re experiencing a transition or a time in our lives when things haven’t panned out the way we planned.

Thanks to all of the distractions literally at our fingertips (it’s always a love-hate relationship with my smartphone), it’s very easy to push down our emotions and get lost in the distractions that keep us from having to feel the discomfort of certain emotions. By allowing yourself to sit in the emotion, you can do the necessary processing and healing from that emotion. Download my FREE GUIDE to learn more about how to start benefiting from truly healing your grief.


I have so many tools and resources about how to start honoring and loving your body. On last week’s blog, I shared the power of a practice I truly couldn’t live without - EMBODIMENT. You can find it here to learn more if you missed it.

In my Essential Oils Guide, I touch on another vital aspect of a healthy body - IMMUNITY. During times of stress and certainly during the fall and winter months, we need all the immune support we can get. My IMMUNITY BLEND unleashes the power of essential oils to keep your immune system strong.


The most practical way to address soul care is to address our purpose. The one commonality across all spiritual practices is the belief in a purpose. I love walking my clients through the portion of my programs that begin to unpack their purpose.

I don’t have the space to provide all of the tools and resources I use with my clients, but here are a few fun journal prompts to get you started as you delve deeper into your purpose.

  1. What did I enjoy doing as a child?

  2. What am I naturally good at?

  3. How can I combine these two things to make an impact on the world?

As you explore these journal prompts, use my PURPOSE BLEND to help unveil and unpack your purpose.

Can’t wait to hear how these essential oil tools are helping you!

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