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EMPOWERMENT starts here

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

-Nelson Mandela

You want to:

•Reduce your fear of the cancer returning

•Reduce chemo side effects 

•Reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression⠀

•Build a supportive community of people who understand what you've been through

•Improve communication with your healthcare team

•Reduce "Scanxiety" - the anxiety that comes before your next scan or medical appointment

•Learn to trust your “internal physician.”  The best healing comes from tuning into your internal guide. I’ll help you get there!

• Have practical ways to cleanse and reduce toxin exposure⠀

• Cut through the overwhelm and return the control, power, and hope back to you


No Matter where you are in your cancer journey,

my programs will unleash your best life!

Click below to reserve a free 30 minute consult to find out which program is right for you.

Three Pillars of empowerment



It's no surprise that cancer takes a toll on an individual's mental health. Treatment can be stressful. I will be providing proven strategies to help you through fear and overwhelm while giving you the tools to improve your mood. We'll work on:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression

  • Eliminating the fear of cancer recurrence

Outdoor Aerobics


Together we will implement new nutrition, sleep and movement habits. This is less about removing bad habits and more about adding scientifically proven & beneficial ones. We'll address:

  • Eliminating chemo side effects

  • Achieving and maintaining your optimal weight without it consuming your life

  • Healthy meal planning that fits into your busy lifestyle

  • Practical ways to cleanse and reduce future toxin exposures

  • Exercise as it relates to movement

Romantic Couple Enjoying View


Cancer becomes an unexpected gift when we allow it to awaken us to our bigger purpose. Facing our own mortality invites us to ask the bigger questions about who we are and what we are here to do. Together, let's discover your purpose and create a vision for your life. This is about:

  • Discovering gratitude in everyday living

  • Taking inventory of emotional states

  • Living with intention and meeting goals

Want to find out if my program is right for you?

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