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A Roadmap To Peace and Empowerment

on Your Cancer Journey

A Virtual Workshop with Sara Gause

Tuesday, May 19th at 2PM MST

Cancer turns your world upside-down - but it doesn’t have to control your life. 


It’s time to AWAKEN your mind, body, and soul again. 


No matter how many people surround you with support, it can still be difficult to find peace and feel empowered as you walk through this. 


I know it feels like the cloud of cancer will be the dominant theme in your life. The side effects of treatment, both physical and emotional, and the worry that it may return are very real. 


You want simple answers to basic questions about diet, exercise, and side effect management. 


There are missing pieces your healthcare team hasn’t addressed and you're searching for answers in the sea of conflicting information on the internet.

It’s time to cut through all of the fear and overwhelm that cancer brings. 

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.


In this 1-hour virtual workshop, we are going to kickstart your path to peace and empowerment on your cancer journey. 

I've done all of the leg work for you by laying out the scientifically-backed answers and curating those answers into easy-to-follow systems so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm.

I am your trusted guide with the proven path to reclaiming your life.





After this workshop, you’ll walk away with:


  • Empowerment to trust your internal physician
  • The ability to start trusting your own intuition when it comes to health care decisions
  • Belief that lasting healing and restoration are absolutely attainable
  • Vision for a future that reflects your hopes and dreams - not your fears



  • The Top 3 Lies That Keep People Trapped in Fear on Their Cancer Journey

  • How to Unleash the 3 Pillars of Lasting Healing: 


MIND - Wouldn't it be freeing to have the tools and power to escape the runaway negativity train of thought: Is the cancer really gone? Will the cancer return? What will my next scan results show? 

I show you how to take back control of your thoughts and anxiety. I'll also show you the power of the mind-body connection and how to tap into powerful healing practices.


BODY - Wellness practices don't have to be complicated and certainly don't have to be torture. You're working with a beer-loving, doughnut-eating health coach who will show you that a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean giving up every guilty pleasure. I'll teach you how to personalize a "movement program" you actually look forward to.  Lastly, we'll address and heal any physical disease (dis-ease) by beginning to uncovering the root cause, rather than masking the symptom with a medication.


PURPOSE - I find my cancer warriors are keenly aware of this tug at their soul to explore what brings them meaning and purpose. Many of my clients have been ignoring this tug for years due to the demands of work, family, and life. We capture this amazing opportunity to explore your life's purpose and bring about alignment of MIND, BODY and SOUL, which is by definition, ultimate healing.

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Hi, I'm Sara, 

I’m an Oncology Physician Assistant and certified health coach. I’m here to guide you through this process of fighting cancer. 

I’ve treated cancer patients for over 15 years.  

I understand the emotional roller coaster of this disease.


I’ve held the hands of people experiencing the walls crashing in and the room going fuzzy as they receive the dreaded “C” word diagnosis.

Cancer completely turns your world upside down. 

But I’m here to guide you toward peace and empowerment so that you can live a life that isn’t defined by cancer - because it doesn’t have to be. 


Join me on Tuesday, May 19th at 2PM MST


and connect with others who are walking in the same shoes you are, so we can support each other and learn how to fight this battle with boldness and hope.

Don’t worry if you can’t join us live, sign up and you’ll receive access to the replay the day after!


Are you ready to AWAKEN your best life after cancer?  

Register today - spaces are limited!

Claim your spot for only $29!

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